Words have power. In print or online, the language you use and the words you choose have a huge impact on the image you portray and the business you bring. Having your marketing materials or website written and/or edited by a professional will get you a lot more than great grammar, spot-on spelling and perfect punctuation.

You can expect copy that:

Creatively captures the spirit of your business through a tone and style that is unique to you

…because businesses have personalities too, or at least the ones we can connect with do

Engages your clients through speaking to their needs, desires, passions and ambitions

…because it’s all about what they want to buy, not what you want to sell

Guides clients seamlessly and joyously though the process of getting to know you, getting to liiiike you

…because we all like taking it to the next level

Builds trust through clarity and consistency

…because nothing makes people click away faster than a website that reads like the mad ravings of a spambot

For the web, the copy will also be:

Supportive of the design of your website

…because the copy and design should be partners in the sublime (sorry, bit cheesy)

Search-engine friendly

…because let’s face it, we all want some google-loving

Sound about right?

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re ready to step it up,

for some copywriting heaven.

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