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So much more than a beautiful website design. Help your business grow by combining eye-catching design with a strong focus on functionality, ease of use and solid marketing techniques.

Latest website design work

Azulfit – Yoga & Pilates Retreats

When we met:

Azulfit has an ever-evolving business with yoga retreat centres in Spain and the US as well as running speciality retreats in locations around the world. They had outgrown their current site and had recently rebranded so were looking to do a complete redesign with someone who understands their business and target market.

What I did:

I created a bespoke website that captured the feel of their business – friendly, accessible and feel-good – with lots of bespoke customisations that would allow them to add new retreats with ease and to show off their incredible offering. The site includes online booking, online courses with membership, a shop and a blog.

yoga retreat website design

Tranquility Massage & Beauty

When we met:

Paula, the owner of Tranquility, had just had a website designed by another company but wasn’t really happy with the result or the service. She was looking for a more personal approach and a website that would really capture the look and feel of the business as well as being responsive and ranking well in google.

What I did:

A complete redesign that captured the warmth and caring nature of the business as well as the beautiful location, on the island of Fuerteventura. The process included branding, logo design and the responsive website design and build. Paula loves the website and the feedback she gets from clients and is happy to be on page one of google.

Tranquility Massage and Beauty Website Design

Sharron Hopley

When we met:

Sharron was looking for a website that would represent her varied work as a yoga and meditation teacher, offering classes, courses, workshops and events. She also wanted to offer online courses with a membership programme. For the look of the site she wanted something feminine and nurturing, clean and spacious.

What I did:

We branded the site from scratch, creating an appealing colour palette and making lots of use of colour throughout the site. I added monthly membership functionality so people could join Sharron’s online yoga programme, with the option to buy gift membership for loved ones, and for people to manage their own membership to keep admin for Sharron to the minimum.

Tranquility Massage and Beauty Website Design

The Northern Centre for Mindfulness & Compassion

When we met:

NCMC had a dated site that was difficult to use. They wanted something clean and modern and that showcased their diverse offerings in a clear and visual way. They wanted to appeal to both the public and to corporate clients. 

What I did:

I created a site that had broad visual appeal and and that made accessing both the corporate courses and public courses easy. I added an events/courses section to the site so they could easily add new events themselves. 

Tranquility Massage and Beauty Website Design

SP Media Relations

When we met:

SP Media Relations is a specialist PR consultancy for luxury hospitality businesses and has been in business for many years. The existing website was outdated and in need of modernising to appeal to the luxury hospitality businesses that it serves.

What I did:

I created a full width website with striking banner images, overlaid with client testimonials to really draw attention to the high levels of client satisfaction. I brought the typography and use of colours more in line with the luxury market whilst balancing it with simplicity and ease of use, letting the client testimonials, press coverage and client logos speak for themselves.

Chloe Hart Bodyworks

When we met:

Chloe had an existing blog on blogger but wanted to make the leap to a full website with the potential for it to change and grow with the business.  She wanted a website that was accessible and clean, but still had warmth and personality.

What I did:

I worked closely with Chloe on developing the look and feel of her business, making sure it was striking the right balance between professional and personality. The process included branding, logo design, responsive website design and build and some basic training to make sure she will be able to continue to update the website herself.

Chloe Hart Bodyworks website design

Dana Jones – Nutritionist

When we met:

Dana had an existing website which she had created herself and it had served her well until her business started to grow. She needed her website to take a step up in terms of branding and features, as well as clarity and ease of use. She wanted to offer online courses and make it possible for clients to pay for consultations online. She wanted something vibrant and joyful but modern.

What I did:

I completely restructured the website content and layout, to make sure it was both clear and supporting the business goals. I created a custom online course, with online payment and student log in, to keep things simple for the students and Dana. I used Dana’s logo as the visual inspiration, creating a vibrant colour palette with personalised design details bringing cohesion and personality.

Pilates Travels

When we met:

Pilates Travels was just at the concept stage. The business idea was to create a website to allow people to book Pilates retreats and teacher training courses all over the world. The mission was to create a site that would not only make finding and booking a Pilates retreat easy, but also, to serve, educate and inspire the growing Pilates community.

What I did:

I created a directory website with modern, minimalist styling, which we identified would be a good fit for the Pilates community. I made the retreats easy to compare and filter. The site also incorporates online booking and an events listing section. This is an ongoing project and the website will continue to incorporate new features as this new business grows.

Jo Dombernowksy – Chef

When we met:

Jo is a successful retreat chef and cookbook author who wanted to turn her food blog into a full website that could highlight and promote her events, courses, retreats and cookbooks.

What I did:

Using Jo’s cookbook as inspiration, I created a website that was modern and clean, fully responsive and integrated with a shop to allow her to sell her cookbooks online.

chef website design

Personal project – aka labour of love

Yep. This is what I get up to at playtime. Playing with words and design is a personal passion too. It’s my laboratory for sometimes strange/inadvisable design ideas… it’s like when you see your hairdresser’s latest hair cut/colour and think ‘Right, great… that’s fun. Do not do that to my hair’. Incidentally this site could be worth a look if you’re interested in yoga, meditation or excessively long bike trips.

FAQs / things you might be wondering…

Do I really need you to design my website?

No, not necessarily. If your business is brand new and you just need a calling card; if you have a simple idea and just want to start putting it out there; if you have a reasonable grasp on computer stuff; if funds are low… then set up a site using a free service! There are lots of good ones out there. It might be all you need to get the ball rolling, get a feel for whether this thing will work, and then you can invest more when the time is right.

Most of the people I work with have been in business a while; they have been doing the DIY approach, often getting pretty good at it; they want to step up in terms of branding and/or features; they want to be free to focus on other areas of the business; they acknowledge the extra value they will be adding to their business by employing a professional; indeed, they acknowledge that possibly they are hampering their business by continuing to DIY it.  If you are more in this latter category then, get in touch.

Will my website work on mobile devices?

Yes, absolutely. More websites are now being accessed on mobiles and ipads than on desktop When designing your website I pay equal attention to how your website will look and function on everything from full size screens to ipads and smartphones. The design will be ‘responsive’ which means it will change depending on what device someone is viewing it on.

What platform do you use?

All my sites are built on WordPress. WordPress powers over 25% of the web, from fledgling bloggers to big businesses like the New York Times, Ebay and Samsung. It’s as simple or as powerful as you need it to be; the support and community around it is unrivalled and it will never hamper your business’s growth. The best thing is that the interface is really easy to use, so you’ll be able to add blogs and update the content yourself once the design is finished.

Do you use a theme / how much of the website is custom made?

I work with Thesis (valued at $89, included in the price), a professional theme, which is constantly being upgraded and improved to make sure it stays at the front of web development and SEO trends. I wouldn’t use a free theme because they don’t have the same level of support or development and I want your website to stay happy and healthy as the web continues to progress.

The other big draw of this theme is that it is a blank canvas design-wise, so we can create something completely unique for your business.

How much input can I have with the design?

You can have as much input as you want. If you have lots of ideas about colours and fonts and features then that’s great and I’m happy to bring your ideas to life. If on the other hand, you don’t really know where to start, don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for.

What happens once the website is complete?

Rather than tying you into a contract I really want you to have the control over your website and to feel confident in updating it yourself. I’ll provide some basic training to make sure you can add blog posts and make basic updates. If you need ongoing support, I can provide that too.

Sounds great, how much does it cost?

The price depends on exactly what you need – the size of the website, the functionality you need, whether you have an existing site and/or brand, whether you need your content transferring from another platform, whether you’ve had security issues on an existing site….the list goes on. I will tailor my quote to you and your business and can make suggestions based on your budget. To give you a rough idea, I have worked on sites with a budget of £600 to £3000 so your site is likely to fall within this range.Drop me an email and we can take it from there.

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