Hi, I’m Cat, the friendly human behind Hello World Marketing.

I’m a website designer, but not just a website designer.

Let me explain.

I studied English Language and Linguistics at university, going on to work as an editor and copywriter for an international publishing house.

I worked closely with the marketing team and was often found round their desks, absorbing knowledge on calls to action and brand strategy as I wielded the red pen on their marketing copy.

I started to study on the side, reading books, doing online courses, somewhat surprised to be so interested in the dark arts. I soon clicked that marketing is all about psychology and communication, and is not necessarily evil. Thank goodness for that.

I wanted in. Not fancying any more student debt or lecture halls, I took my training out in the world.

I began working in the marketing team for an incredible yoga retreat company. I spent three years learning by doing in a fast-growing and heart-centred business that encouraged my experiments and expansion.

I had landed on my feet… in a yoga pose… on a beautiful island.

Redesigning their website was the first major website design project I took on. It was an incredible challenge and a labour of love.

I went on to focus my studies on website design, slowly but steadily cranking up my coding skills to match my creative passion. I started to work on websites for other companies and was thrilled to be doing what I loved and having a positive impact on their businesses.

But the thing was, even though I was focusing on website design, I just couldn’t turn off my marketing and copywriting brain.

Strong copywriting was vital for strong design and vice versa. And these things didn’t exist in a vacuum – the marketing plan and business mission were always on my mind and informing my decisions.

Rather than fighting against it and trying to force myself into being all niche-y, I realised I could embrace and make the best use of my skills and experience.

Turns out that I could produce much more effective and engaging work for my clients that way too.

So today I work 100% freelance and happily bring all my experience and enthusiasm to every project. I’m from York in England, but I live in Malaga, Spain. I take on projects from all over the world.


Some random things about me:

  • I love speaking Spanish. I’m just getting started on Japanese.
  • I cycled (very slowly) around Spain once.
  • I practice yoga and studied in India.
  • I’m terrible at rock climbing and surfing but I happily persist.
  • When I’m not playing with code, I love to be in nature: sea gazing, mountain hiking, night swimming & wild sleeping.

Enough about me, tell me about you.

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